Engine Conversions

An engine upgrade can breath new life into an aging airframe or transform the performance of an underpowered one. Cascade offers a variety of STC’d engine conversions for agricultural aircraft. Every conversion includes the famous Cascade Pressure Cowl and is delivered as a complete firewall-forward unit for easy installation you can do in your own hangar.


 proudly pt6

Cascade engine conversions use the Pratt & Whitney PT6 series of engines, known for their reliability, high power, and excellent service reputation.


Under Pressure

Every Cascade engine conversion includes the Cascade Pressure Cowl, independently tested to reduce ITT and improve power under every operating condition.


nose job

Cascade engine conversions come pre-assembled as a firewall-forward kit with complete instructions. All that’s left for you is to bolt on, trim the cowls, rig it, and fly. Any trouble? Our skilled techs are standing by to assist.




AT502 with PT6A-41/42

850 SHP up t0 106º OAT

Available now


Thrush 510P with pt6a-41/42

850 SHP up t0 106º OAT

Available now


Thrush 510P/G with PT6A-140AG

  • 867 SHP

  • 4000hr TBO

  • Hartzell & Avia 108” prop options

  • The Beast - Coming soon!


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