pressure cowls

Cascade Pressure Cowls are the best performing ram air induction system in the ag air industry. Independently tested to lower ITT as much as 32ºF and increase SHP up to 6%, Cascade Pressure Cowls are the easiest way to add power and lower maintenance costs of your turbine Thrush or Air Tractor aircraft.


Numbers don’t lie

Independent testing on a Thrush 510P with PT6A-34 engine confirms: the Cascade Pressure Cowl provides a significant power boost, lowering ITT temperatures and gas generator speeds even when the days get hot. It really is all about air!


Simpler maintenance

Pressure cowl kits open up additional room in the engine compartment. Your mechanic will thank you! An advanced barrier air filter system flows twice the air and is removable for cleaning in the field.

Go ahead, fly the dustiest runways - the Cascade Pressure Cowl will keep your engine safe.


Easy Install

Pressure cowl kits ship pre-painted with all the parts and pieces needed to install onto your aircraft. Simply fit the cowling, trim, and fly!


true believers

"The Cascade Aircraft Conversion Pressure Cowl is one of the best modifications I have put on my airplane! On an eighty degree day the engine performs like it was a 60 degree day."

- Dan Schellenberg, Air Dusters, Inc. - Roggen, CO

"If you have any non believers just tell them to give me a call! You have really hit a home run on this one… The Cascade Pressure Cowl does everything and more than you said it would. The NG and the ITT are a non-issue now and I'm running an HONEST 50 to 60 degrees cooler! It's the first time in five years that I haven't temped-out and it's been kind of fun to just watch the temp. guage. We're also saving on the engine and reduced the NG by 4% and reduced the fuel consumption by 4 gallons an hour and that in itself will pay for the unit… Now I have flown 536 hours with the Cascade Pressure Cowl and cleaned the air filter once, at about 250 hours. I was thinking about putting a PT6-34 on, but I don't know why I would need to change now."

-Krech Dakota, Airspray - South Dakota

“You know the saying that no news is good news. Well, you got through the season without even a peep from me but I can’t keep quiet any longer. Your pressure cowl on my 500 gal thrush with a PT6-34 is great!! I have a very honest 70 degree drop in the ITT. I can’t over temp even on a 100 degree day and we had a bunch of those this year. What a tool!”

-Jake Kraft, West River Aerial, Inc.


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