FAQ - Cascade Pressure Cowl

Q: What does the cascade pressure cowl do?

The Cascade Pressure Cowl is a ram air intake system for select turbine engine installations. It has been independently tested to deliver significantly more air than any other intake system in the agricultural aircraft industry.

Q: What difference can I expect with a pressure cowl over the aircraft factory inlet?

  • Reduced NG 1% - 2%

  • Reduced ITT 33º - 34º or more depending on the engine and aircraft installation

  • Reduced fuel consumption 2 -3 gph or more

  • Increased available HP up to 9%, averaging 6% on Thrush installations

  • Some specific results: installation of the Cascade Pressure Cowl on Air Tractor AT802 with PT6A-67AG reduced NG 1.5%, ITT by 34º, and fuel consumption by 3 GPH

Q: how long does it take to remove the air filter?

After side panels are off, it takes less than two minutes to remove the filter assembly.

Q: How does the pressure cowl affect serviceability?

Design of the inlet and air delivery system improves serviceability over factory with ample room to access the filter box, fuel nozzles, and fwd chip detector, reducing maintenance time.

Q: How does the pressure cowl affect longevity of the engine?

Increased air volume to the turbine reduces ITT. This temperature reduction reduces the long term wear that results from high heat and thermal cycling.



FAQ - Engine Conversions

Q: what is the difference between the pt6a-34 and pt6a-41/42 engines?

The -34 engine produces 750 shaft horsepower (SHP) and maintains it up to 86º outside air temperature (OAT), then as the OAT climbs the performance is reduced. The PT6A-41/42 engines produce 850 SHP up to 106º OAT, providing 100 extra horsepower that doesn’t fade when you need it most.

Q: how much more productive is the aircraft with the 850shp pt6a-41/42 conversion

Some anecdotes from real operators:

  • One AT502B operator reported the whole season including ferrying times, the 850 SHP powered AT502B grossed $300 more per hour than his other two -34 powered AT502B aircraft.

  • One Thrush operator reported that he hauled full loads, never temped out at his 4000 ft MSL airstrip, something he was never able to do with his -34.

Q: Is the pt6a-41/42 engine noisier than the pt6a-34?

The -41/42 prop shaft turns at 2000 RPM, a 200 RPM reduction from the -34 engine. The slower prop speed results in a quieter operating airplane during all phases of operation.

Q: what is the installation time?

Cascade engine conversions are supplied as a complete firewall-forward (FWF) assembly ready to bolt onto your aircraft. On installation, they require some trimming of cowlings and system hook-up. With the factory FWF removed, installation can usually be complete at your shop with an A&P mechanic and helper. Assistance by phone or in person is available from Cascade.

Q: how is the stc delivered? is it a box of parts and drawings?

Engine conversion kits come completely assembled from Cascade’s manufacturing facility. The engine for the kit is received at our facility and installed into the new engine mount along with new plenum, air induction system, air filtration system, cowlings, fuel and oil systems, and wiring harness. The kit requires some trimming of cowlings for your particular aircraft and installation of the included MVP-50T glass panel engine monitor.

As a bonus, every Cascade engine conversion includes the Cascade Pressure Cowl for improved performance and reduced maintenance.